So I was just thinking back to the Megan and Liz concert! And I realized, people don’t usually throw their hands at the twins to touch, or flip out when they walk by. It’s like, us macers just sit and listen. Yeah, we scream, and dance, but we aren’t freaking out!! I just think it’s cool! Cause I mean, you bet your sweet petunias that when I was in pit for the RED tour, I almost fainted every time Taylor walked by!! But there’s something that the twins do to us that make us just forget about all their fame and just let loose and have a good time! meganmckinleymace elizabethmorganmace officialmeganandliz

We should let the Macer family know that on M magazine's website under the win it section, we can win a lamp signed by Megan & Liz! If we can spread this around so that one of us lucky macers can win it it, that would be swell! Thanks!